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When calling to make a new patient appointment, please have your insurance card handy to provide us with your child’s insurance details. For follow-up patients, if there is a change with your insurance and/or primary care provider please let our office manager know.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment for the pre-consultation formalities of registration, insurance verification, payment of deductibles/copays as warranted by your insurance carrier. Since this is a specialty practice wait times could be variable and prolonged in some cases depending on the doctors schedule. Please allow for such delays and plan for subsequent engagements accordingly. Upon arrival please inform if your child requires special care or could be infectious.


We recommend that you call or email our office for cancellations 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time for other patients waiting to be accommodated for a consultation. For cancellations occurring less than 24 hours you may be subject to a $25 no show charge per our policy. Your prompt assistance in cancellation and rescheduling would be mutually beneficial.


Dr. S. Madani covers his patients 24 hours a day. For any emergencies please reach him through the office phone or email. In case you do not get a return call in a reasonable time please call again. Since he is the only physician covering every day of the week it will be appreciated if non-emergent matters that can wait until the next business day ( minor complaints and calls for prescription refills, lab results ) be addressed during normal business hours.

Fees and Payments

In order to be complaint with insurance regulations and keep costs down we request that all co-pays, deductibles and balances are paid at the time of registration. Our front desk will be glad to discuss our fee and give you a cost estimate ahead of your clinic visit. If our cost estimate imposes an immediate financial burden we will attempt to work out a payment plan with you. At the time of registration payment will be accepted in the form of cash or credit card.


Progressive Child & Adolescent Gastroenterology is located in Troy, Michigan and provides treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, and conditions from new born to 21 years of age.

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